Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Started

Phil and I decided to start our own blog to review the adventures that we go on together. We usually like to try a lot of different restaurants here in Minnesota and although we can be "critics" on websites like or, this seems more personal and we really like to hear ourselves talk and there's no character limit here. Ha!

Our first restaurant is El Meson on Lyndale and 34th. Scale 1-10
Molly's review:
I wanted to try it out for a long time, driving past it often and being a huge fan of different latino style food. I was excited about all the Spanish being spoken by the guests as well as the staff. It is a fun looking restaurant but sitting at a table in the middle of the room is sort of awkward. They crammed a ton of tables and it wasn't infrequent to have customers' inching around you but all the booths were taken. We are definitely not people that do a lot of "fine wine and dining." See Liquor store choice...

Food: 8
The food portion was tiny. I feel like a mouse would still be hungry and I promise I'm not a more than average over indulgent American. It was however delicious.
Service: 5
C'mon. We sat and waited forever to be waited on. Once we did order the food came fast but we sat for twenty minutes after our minature food plates had been taken away.

Go again? Yes but maybe for a happy hour. It was quite expensive w/o alcoholic drinks. $20/person.

Phil's review:

Ok, I'm goign to write this without looking or reading Molly's first. I do this for two reasons, one to make sure that I'm unbiased in my reporting. Secondly, I'm lazy and reading takes time. We were going to go to Chipolte but decided to try a local place instead. In rerospect it was not a bad choice but not a great one either.
The service was pretty horrible. We got seated right away but then waited for quite awhile before having our order taken. That was ok, but what really got my goat was that we waited for nearly twenty minutes for our bill.
The food was good but a little pricey. It was also pretty small portions. For a growing boy like me I could have used a little more meat to stick to my bones.
Overall, I would go back but not going to go out of my way to make my way back there.

Food : 7
The food was really good but the price and portions left something to be desired.
Service: 5
I could have been trained in and ran my own bill in the time it took.
Atmosphere: 7
It was nice and I think one of there private booths that line the wall would have been even better.
Overall: 6.75
The food was really good but the service, price and portions really didn't blow my skirt up.

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  1. You should try El Lorro. It's excellent Mexican, not at all like ChiChi's.